Special issue - 2010


Centeri Csaba: Foreword


Gloria Pungetti: Introduction to the Eucaland Project


Summaries of the work packages in the Eucaland Project


Maria Dolores Velarde, Michael Roth, Matthias Buchecker: Summary of Eucaland Project WP 1. Description methods for European agricultural landscapes: Definitions, cultural character and values


Hans Renes: Summary of Eucaland Project WP 2. Searching for system in the history of agricultural landscapes in Europe.The historcal part of the Eucaland project


Graham Fairclough: Summary of Eucaland Project WP 3. Classifying Europe: an outcome of the EucaLand Project


Alexandra Kruse: Summary of Eucaland Project WP 4. Assessment of International policies considering cultural heritage and agricultural landscapes


Christian Steiner, Anton Schabl: Summary of Eucaland Project WP 5. Landscape Planning: Recommendations for the consideration of EAL cultural values and heritage


Alexandra Kruse: Summary of Eucaland Project WP 6. Dissemination of the Eucaland Project Findings


Selected papers from the presentations of the Final Conference of the Eucaland Project


Hans Renes: Landscapes of agricultural specialisation a forgotten theme in historic landscape research and management


Della Hooke: The past in the present - remnant open field patterns in England


Michael Roth, Dietwald Gruehn: Methods and data to describe agricultural landscapes and their cultural values on national level in Germany: Confusing coexistence or multilayered complexity?


Dietwald Gruehn, Michael Roth: Landscape preference study of agricultural landscapes in Germany


Salata Denes, Penksza Karoly, Malatinszky Akos, Kenez Arpad: Facts to the landscape history of the Oreg-Bakony mountains


Renée Auon: An overview of the French Landscape Characteristics and Dynamics on a National Level


Alexandra Kruse, Csaba Centeri, Hans Renes, Michael Roth, Anu Printsmann, Hannes Palang, Lucia Benito Jordá, Maria Dolores Velarde, Helmut Kruckenberg: Glossary on Agricultural Landscapes


Robert C. Zimmermann: Glossary of landscape terminology